I will provide professional translation English, German, Croatian

I will provide professional translation English, German, Croatian
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Need a professional translation done? Look no further!

Ukrainian is a beautiful, yet difficult and tricky language, but with the help of a native speaker and a linguist like me, you're all set! ;)

I'm a regular contributor in Google Translate Community. I've got 10 years. of experience in translation.

I provide Russian translations as well, as it's my second language.

For 1 Gig you'll always get:

a 100% professional and manually performed translation of up to 400 words from English to Ukrainian / Russian or vice versa (produced personally by me just like the images above I drew for this gig), provided in a .docx file;
non-disclosure of your information;
fast delivery;
high-quality service and superb experience

Please note:
extra fast delivery is only available for orders of up to 800 words;
if you need more words translated, please check out gig extras below;
contact me beforehand if you have any questions, special circumstances or a big project in mind;
use any online word counting tool you like

Translation is my passion and I can't wait to help you! ^_^
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