Optimize your Spanish YOUTUBE Videos

Optimize your Spanish YOUTUBE Videos
Did you know Spanish is the second language most spoken in the world?

Spanish is spoken in more than 20 countries by 572 million people and by more than 41 million people in the United States alone!

Video Optimization:

Hi, i'm César and i work in video optimization since 2013. This service is for people that have channels in that language or want to create a new one but don't know how to start or what to change to improve the visibility. So, here i am to help you with that problem.

Here are the things that i gonna work with:

I will optimize 13 videos with high-growth channel keywords and 10 keyword research.Detailed report: Incluides:
  • Tittle and Keyword Optimization
  • I will check for issues in video captions and transcripts
  • Well constructed description as per the algorith needs
  • Brand channel migration (optional)
  • Channel Evaluation
If you have any question let me know before to ordering this service
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